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Babyhood Bath Support Towelling - Navy

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Name Babyhood Bath Support Towelling - Navy
Brand Babyhood
Category Mum & Baby
Sub Category Baby Shower and Oral Care
O-Shop Babyhood
Description You can now be hands free to wash and play with your baby, as the babyhood the babyhood Toweling Bath Support is designed ergonomically for you and your baby. It supports your baby\'s delicate body and ensures your shoulders, back and neck are comfortable during bath time.

Product Details

Babyhood Bath Support Towelling

The babyhood Toweling Bath Support will bring the fun back into bathing your baby for you.  No bending over the bath hurting your back and no more slippery fingers trying to hold baby and wash baby at the same time - which can be so stressful, especially with younger babies.

You can now be hands free to wash and play with your baby, as the babyhood Toweling Bath Support supports your baby’s head, neck and back. It is great for newborn and preemie babies as it is soft and shapes to your baby’s body without hurting their delicate inner thigh areas, as many plastic bath supports do.

The cover is machine washable and available in a wide range of colours including navy/white stripes, white with whales, turquoise/white stripes, yellow/white stripes, lime/white stripes, turquoise, yellow and pink.  It is also available in mesh.

For the safety of your baby please do not leave your baby unattended at any time in the bath.

We recommend the babyhood Bubbles Bath Tub & Stand or the Compactum Bath & Change Table as ideal baths to suit the Babyhood Bath Support.

Enjoy bubbles of fun at bath time!

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Weight    0.44 kg
Dimensions     52 x 1 cm
Choose Fabric    Mesh, Terry Towelling