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Kleenso Tyre Shine (W48) 500g

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MYR 7.50
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Product Description

Product ID 00111077000002000005810001
Name Kleenso Tyre Shine (W48) 500g
Brand Kleenso
Category Automotive
Sub Category Car Care
O-Shop Kleenso
Description Helps Protect Against Cracking & Fading

Product Details

Kleenso Tyre Shine (W48)   500g

Functions of Tyre Shine:

a)Helps Protect Against Cracking & Fading
b)Can apply on wet or dry tyres
c)Remove Dirt, Grime & Dust

d)Long Lasting Shine

Directions to use:

a)Shake the bottle
b)Always test on small inconspicuous area prior to the first use.
c)Squeeze product onto a clean cloth and wipe evenly over tyre surface.
d)Remove any excess product.
e)Use on weekly basics to maintain your tyre and help prevent premature wear or fading.