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Amaranthine Deer Placenta - The Secret of Ageless

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Name Amaranthine Deer Placenta - The Secret of Ageless
Brand Amaranthine
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Description Amaranthine more on give the skin cells a deep nourishment and slow down the aging process and to retain youthful vigour.

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Amaranthine Deer Placenta (Activator-Y) : 2 caps (enteric-coated) everyday helps repair skin cells from inside out, make the skin more elastic & vibrant, thus improve the quality of sleep.

AMARANTHINE Deer Placenta high concentration oral supplements repair your skin cells from inside out, enhance skin cell regeneration & you will never find any signs of aging.
AMARANTHINE 独家的 Activator-Y 活性技术,保留了 20:1 浓缩比例的 “高分量新鲜鹿胎盘” 活细胞。因此从内至外修复皮肤细胞、给皮肤细胞的深层滋养和重建过程,让您减缓衰老的过程,保留年轻活力。

AMARANTHINE Deer Placenta (口服的干细胞疗法 Stem Cell Therapy)每日仅需 2 颗,给您逆龄 10 年!

Why Our Customers Choose Amaranthine Deer Placenta:

☑ Quality Assurance
Maintain strict quality control to ensure the standard of raw materials and final products.

☑ Safety Assurance
It is approved by the Drug Control Authority (DCA) of Malaysia.

☑ Governing Control
Controlled by New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF), they are fed with organic feeds.

☑ No Involvement in Death of Deer
It is the natural ingredients which obtained from deer natural delivery process. It does not involve death of deer. England's first independent and non-profit company which focuses on human embryonic stem cell research was established in 2007.

☑ No Risk Of Disease
Deer Placenta is now accepted as the main source of placenta because it is biocompatible with human cells and causes no allergic reactions.

Do you know Amaranthine can helps to solve which problems?

■ Enhance Sexual peformance 该善并增强性能力
■ Strenghen the cells, muscle tissue, organs 使细胞,肌肉组织,五脏六腑更加强壮
■ Increase the chance of conception 提高受孕机会
■ Increase the flexibility of joints and discs 增加关节和圆盘的伸缩性
■ Promoted blood circulation and reduce the risk of heart diseases 促进血液循环,降低患心脏病的风险
■ Stimulates cells renewal 刺激细胞再生
■ Lightens aged spots, pigments and freckles 减轻老年斑和雀斑
■ Restructures your skin and make your skin firmer 皮肤重组, 使你的肌肤更紧
■ Reduces sagginess 减少肌肤松弛
■ Prevents skin aging 防止皮肤老化
■ Improves skin texture 改善皮肤质感
■ Captures moisture and keep skin hydrated 防止水份流失,保持肌肤水嫩
■ Keep your hair and nails healthy 让头发和指甲保持健康
■ Fountain of youth for aging woman 是步入老化及更年期的女性的年轻泉源
■ Maintain female sex Characteristic 迎合女性生理的营养需求,保持女性魅力
■ Stimulates breast enlargement and firms breast 促进乳腺发达及乳脂肪增加
■ Smoothen skin and reduces open pores让皮肤变得柔滑,减少毛孔
■ Darkens gray hair and increases hair growth 让秀发乌黑亮丽,促进头发再生
■ Regulates menstrual cycle, eases menstrual pain and alleviates menopausal symptoms 帮助调理经期,舒缓经痛,有效改善更年期的不适症状
■ Alleviates sleep disorders 有助减轻失眠及荷尔蒙失调
■ Improved healing and reduces scarring 促进皮肤细胞愈合和新陈代谢,除去疤痕,皮肤褶皱等各种纹疤
■ Burn excess body fat and reshape body contour 协助燃烧体内多余脂肪及雕塑身材
Amaranthine more on give the skin cells a deep nourishment and slow down the aging process and to retain youthful vigour.
Amaranthine 帮助内至外修复皮肤细胞,给皮肤细胞的深层滋养的重建过程,延缓老化,保持年轻活力。


1. 前3个月建议每天服用2颗以达到更佳效果. For better result, consume 2 soft-get daily for the first 3 months.
2. 早餐前30-60分钟前以温水服用为佳. Consume before 30-60min of breakfast with warm water.
3. 保持每一天服用效果更佳. Keep drinking daily for best result.
4. 每天喝3公升或更多的开水以助新成代谢. Drink more than 3L water everyday.
5. 凡是曾或患有良/恶性癌症肿瘤都不建议服用. Patients with or suffering from benign / malignant cancers are not recommended.
  (患有子癌症肿瘤病患者必须询问主症医生或顾问为大前提. Patients must query to doctor or consultant for the main premise)
6. 存于凉快及低于25度的地方,切勿直接阳光照射. Store in cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight.