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TonyMoly Green Tangerine Hand Essence 2

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Product Description

Product ID 00111001000009000004406001
Name TonyMoly Green Tangerine Hand Essence 2
Brand TonyMoly
Category Health & Pharmacy
Sub Category Hand Care
O-Shop TonyMoly
Description GREEN TANGERINE HAND ESSENCE2 / SKU: BD03010900 / contains extract from young green tangerines sourced from pristine island of Jeju, full of moisture and fresh fragrance, while instilling a hydration effect.

Product Details

▶ Volume : 80g
 : Shea butter, mandarin extract (5,000 ppm), bitter orange extract, grapefruit extract, apple extract, sunflower seed oil
 : Refreshing hand essence texture permeates into skin instantly without stickiness.

: Fills necessary moisture to hand to create flexible hand skin.

 : Contains full of green mandarin extract from Jeju to offer refreshing scent and moisture like holing moisture such as green mandarin skin.

 : Has more antioxidant effect than normal mandarin’s to create smooth and bright hands out of dull and rough hands.

 : After cleansing hands clearly or whenever you feel dryness, apply a moderate amount all over.