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TonyMoly Peach Hand Cream

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Product Description

Product ID 00111001000009000004915001
Name TonyMoly Peach Hand Cream
Brand TonyMoly
Category Health & Pharmacy
Sub Category Hand Care
O-Shop TonyMoly
Description PEACH HAND CREAM3 / SKU: BD03012200 / Soft creamy texture with anti wrinkle function. Sweet peach scent hand cream

Product Details

*         Sweet Peach Fragrance for Your Hands!
Looking to soften your hands in style? The Peach Hand Cream is infused with peach, apricot, and shea butter extracts that soften and moisturize your dry and rough hands. The tantalizing peach scent leaves you smelling sweet and refreshed throughout the day.
Wrinkle Improvement Function
Peach and apricot extract that contain large amounts of lycopene, protects for soft hands by providing nutrition Adenosine formula with wrinkle improvement function protects hands elastic hands.

Apricot Extracts
Nutrition supply from apricot extracts help hands become softer.

Peach Extract
Pleasing scent of peach replenish moisture and nutrition for protection

Shea Butter
Shea Butter softens rough skin and as it is full of nutrients even being edible supplied deep into the skin.

Suggested Use
Recommended use after washing your hands or when they are dry. Take adequate amount and apply from the back of the hand down to the nails for absorption.